The olive tree is typically found along the coast of the Mediterranean countries. The rare exception is that of the Lake Garda (guard-ah) Basin. Theses olive trees, growing at almost 200 feet above sea level in the hills adjacent to the lake, have been cultivated for thousands of years. During the Middle Ages this area was the center of olive oil production for the north. The famous poet Virgil wrote about the trees in this region in his published works during the 17th century. The olives of this region are acclaimed due to the fact that they are grown in such a high altitude where the soil is dense with minerals. They produce unusually pure and aromatic oils with a very low acid level. The olives of this region boast one of the lowest acid levels of any southern oil ever produced. They are a wonder of nature.

40 years ago the Venturelli family began harvesting the olives from this famous region with the intent to produce tone of the Mediterranean's finest extra virgin olive oils. They did, and today, the Venturelli farm consists of 15,000 acres of lush and impeccably manicures farm land. A beautifully restored red farmhouse stands tall among the vast expanse of green acreage and serves as both an olive oil producing factory and a gourmet food shop that sells high quality balsamic vinegars, pasta, sauces, jams, honey, coffee, wine, spumanti, and health olive oil candy.


Nonno Francesco

Anyone who still does not know our Nonno Francesco has absolutely missed great opportunities. Nonno Francesco is in fact our most precious and irreplaceable co-operator and thanks to his long-term experience, he is the one who keeps guaranteeing our best traditions. He is very demanding, this is the reason why he only signs very special products, which are tended to fully respect the genuine taste obtained using only natural ingredients. The delicacies signed by Nonno Francesco need tasting, and maybe only in this way you will be able to find out the secret of the healthy longevity of our nice old man.

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The deliciousness by Nonno Francesco