Welcome to the section dedicated to a detailed show of all our traditional products. Here you will manage to find out about the delicacies that have made Venturelli's trademark famous all over the world. Here you will find all the flavors typical of the most genuine Italian cooking, which allow you to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Our products guarantee taste and genuineness because of their content, consisting of the best raw materials free from coloring agents and preservatives. This on-line catalogue is here just for you, but when you have time and when you are willing to have a chat with us, please come and see us on Lake Garda among olive groves and vineyards. We will show you our handcrafted traditions and the simple and pure spirit that leads our choices.

The entirety of oil obtained from the cold pressing of our olives is a flawless extra-virgin olive oil with fruity flavor and an acidity rate that does not exceed 1%, and as it is well known the lower the acidity grade, the better the oil. This extra-virgin olive oil, from selected olives of Lake Garda, has an intense color and scent. Thanks to its great digestibility, this superb oil acquires a high dietetic value.

The starters by Venturelli are considered appetizing introductions to your meals, both lunch and dinner. They are prepared with extra-virgin olive oil without preservatives. This is naturally the most genuine way to warmly welcome your guests. The exciting taste of the pickling and the delicate flavor of our products in oil will make your mouth water with brio and fantasy: onions in balsamic vinegar, dried tomatoes, green and black olives, small artichokes, mushrooms, and mixed vegetables from the gardens. Well begun.

The balsamic vinegar is a very peculiar product. It has been produced since 1000 DC in the nearby of Modena. It is now produced using the must of full trebbiano wine from the Modena area. This wine is concentrated through an increase of temperature; aged vinegar is then added to allow acidification. In order to produce this excellent vinegar, there is a series of small casks with decreasing volumes which are left open to allow the acidification phase. The result is an extraordinary product with a bright dark brown color, a penetrating and aromatic scent and a distinctive combination of acidity, sweetness and velvety consistency. This vinegar is recommended as dressing for salads and for every kind of meat.

The wines by Venturelli are obtained from the lush vineyards of Lake Garda. Our care in the selection of the grapes and our attention in the fermentation and bottling phase guarantee their top-quality. Garda Classico Chiaretto DOC, Lugana DOC White, Garda Classico Groppello DOC, and Garda Classico Red DOC: these are different wines for different moments and dishes. They contribute to give your meals a touch of elegance and cheerfulness. You can find in them all the magic of the gods' nectar.

Nonno Francesco's pasta is made from darum wheat semolina with addition of bran. These ingredients are the basis of a simple product which at the same time is rich in nutritional elements. These qualities make the product easy to digest and its full flavor can be better appreciated by using basic sauces. For the best "al dente" consistency, do not cook for more than 10 minutes. Traditional artisan production allows slow drying at low temperatures, thus maintaining unchanged the genuine nourishing substances and enhancing the flavor.

Sauces and juices are produced through the experience of people who love the traditions and make use of secret old recipes: fantasy and genuine taste to enrich your first dishes, to accompany your meat and fish courses, create mouth-watering toast and elaborate canapé. Venturelli proudly offers 9 sauces and 3 juices; all of them prepared using extra-virgin olive oil and first-quality ingredients, which are preserved in a genuine way. Different tastes for different occasions: a real pleasure for all the palates.

Thanks to these products you can feed on sweetness relying on nature. The honey by Venturelli, produced by the beehives all around the Garda area, keep all the peculiar healthy characteristics, the golden color and the mild scent of the precious fluid obtained during the activity of the bees. From every little flower we are able to get different types of honey, but all of them sweetly inviting during the whole day: at breakfast, for a break, to sweeten your beverages or even to prepare your desserts. All your energy in a sweet taste!

There are 6 different flavors: apricots, peaches, mixed fruits from wood, cherries, strawberries and chestnuts. The great quality of this exclusive product is that it is made only with freshly picked fruit and very low sugar content, the necessary quantity, according to the ripening of the fruits, fundamental for the natural preservation of the product. This is the reason why our jams keep the genuine taste of a freshly picked fruit.