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MIELE di Castagno
7001003 gr.500
Color: Very Dark
Taste: Strong and Persistent
Crystallization: Slow and Compact

Its strong taste is typical of the honey you find in the mountains. It has a strong flavour which could become bitterish.

MIELE di Eucalipto
7001005 gr.500
Color: Strawy
Taste: Aromatic and Delicate
Crystallization: Natural

This honey comes from the flowers of eucalyptus plants. A natural crystallization is normal but if you put it at a warm place it turns at its liquid state.

MIELE millefiori Italiano
7001001 gr.500
Color: Amber
Taste: Flora
Crystallization: Irregular

It is a natural product. It is extracted from the honeycombs at the end of each year. It can be used in any way thanks to its classic taste.

MIELE di Acacia

7001002 gr.500
Color: White
Taste: Light and Delicate
Crystallization: Very Slow

It is suitable to nourish babies as it can be put in the milk instead of sugar. It is the rarest and the most sought after because its taste is the most delicate.







MIELE di Arancio
7001004 gr.500
Color: Amber
Taste: Orange
Crystallization: -

The sweet flavour of natural honey harmoniously mixed with the strong, lasting flavour of Italian oranges. A rare balance of natural flavours and aromas from the past, expertly blended in an amber coloured liquid.