Olive Oil
Pate' & Sauces

COMPOSTA di Albicocche
7003000 gr.340
All the flavour of freshly picked apricots, the warm aroma and color of this fruit rich in healthy vitamins: a mixture to be spread and tasted.
COMPOSTA di Ciliegie
7003005 gr.340
Cherries: one after the other! we picked them from the tree and concentrated them in this delicious, natural compote which keeps its cheerfulness, flavour and colour intact. A lively goodness which must be tasted.
COMPOSTA di Fragole
7003001 gr.340
The cheerfulness and freshness of strawberries, the aroma and flavour of Spring condensed in a compote with a lively, natural colour typical of this fruit.A party for everyone, old and young!
COMPOSTA di Frutti di Bosco
7003003 gr.340
A mix of fruit picked in one of those rare places of nature as yet uncontaminated: the woods.This compote offers us the wild, fresh flavour of bilberries, raspberries and red currants, mixed together to make breakfast, afternoon tea and snacks special.







COMPOSTA di Castagne
7003002 gr.340
The flavour and colour of an Autumn wood, the sweet, velvety taste of chestnuts captured in this delicate compote. Very easy to spread, it can also be tasted straight from the spoon: tasted in the company of friends, it adds the spirit of a cheerful chestnut feast.
COMPOSTA di Pesche
7003004 gr.340
The tempting aroma and velvety flavour of freshly picked peaches: summer flavours and smells preserved intact in this completely natural compote which will provide a sweet and warm feeling of revival even in the heart of winter.