All oils are not created equal. The difference in aroma and taste between pure, high quality oil and diluted or mixed oil simply labeled "virgin" is perceptible to even the simplest palates.
A superior extra virgin olive oil begins with the fruit. In order for the olive oil to be labeled "virgin" it cannot be mixed with any other oil. The oil must not receive any other treatments other than washing, water removal filtration, and decanting. The criteria to be labeled "extra virgin" olive oil are even more restrictive. It must have an oleic acid level of less than 1%. The oils of Venturelli-Denk meet all criteria.

Product Code 2002001 (gallon jug), 2002002 (gallon can)


You can guess that this is an exceptional extra virgin olive oil from its cloudy colour (unfiltered must) and from the suave scent. The sweet and fruity flavour, gourmets will love, comes from selected Lake Garda olives. Ideal for fish, because it does not obscure the taste, it is suited for all dishes in need of a clear flavourful touch.

MOSTOLIO D'ORO lt.0.750 selez.olio ev d'olive


Made from selected olives grown in the hills of Upper Garda near Brescia. Although it has the essential characteristics of must flavoured olive oil, it has more delicate andrefined flavour.

EL GARGNA' CRUlt 0,500 olio extravergine d'oliva


It is extremely refined with a cloudy colour, mild perfume and fresh delicate taste. It is made from exclusive olives from the sturdy age-old Gargną groves that stand on the sunny slopes of the northern Coast, a rare testimony of the distant past. This unique olive oil which is ideal for the most demanding palates, is traditionally crushed using stone wheels and naturally decanted.

BENECUM lt 0,500 olio extravergine d'oliva

It is produced in the first ten days of harvest from slightly under-ripe olives. The small amount of oil obtained has a low acidity level that does not exceed 0.3%.

Studies have been conducted on the nutritional value of olive oil for a mother who breast feeds her baby. The nutrients retained in the milk through the absorbtion of olive oil via the nursing mother, have positive benefits that promote the healthy development of the baby.