Nonno Francesco pasta is made from durum wheat semolina added with bran. These ingredients are the basis of a simple product which at the same time is rich in nutritional elements. These qualities make the product easy to digest and its full flavor can be best appreciated by using basic sauces. For the best "al dente" consistency, do not cook for more than ten minutes. Traditional artisan production allows for slow drying at low temperatures, thus maintaining unchanged the genuine nutritious substances and enhancing the flavor. This method of preparation also ensures a greater yield once the pasta is cooked.
PENNE Germe di Grano
PAPPARDELLE Germe di Grano
SPAGHETTI Semola di Grano
TACCONI Germe di Grano
LINGUINE Germe di Grano
8001003 gr. 250
8001005 gr. 500
8001080 gr. 500
8001001 gr. 250
8001002 gr. 250
8001004 gr. 250



LINGUINE all'Aglio e Basilico

8001060 gr. 250

The freshness of basil and the appetising flavour of garlic go together perfectly in a unique, totally Mediterranean flavour.


LINGUINE Peperoncino Rosso

8001020 gr. 250

Its subtly hot flavour will provide a touch of cheerfulness to dinners with friends,pleasantly whetting your palate.


SPAGHETTI al Nero di Seppia

8001030 gr. 250

For those who love an original, sophisticated meal; it will delicately surprise even the most difficult of palates.



8001050 gr. 250

For those elegant dinners: the salmon flavour gives the tagliatelle a delicate,unmistakable flavour which satisfies even the most sophisticated palates.


TAGLIOLINI pasta all' Uovo

8001011 gr. 250

Its quiet, natural taste will bring out the flavour in your sauces, from the simplest to the most elaborate. It goes perfectly with any kind of pasta dish.


LINGUINE allo Zafferano

8001070 gr. 250

The typical flavour and colour of this Lombard tradition mixed together in linguine:a new, original way of serving up flavours from the past.


TAGLIATELLE al Fungo Porcino

8001040 gr. 250

Forest flavour: the natural, unique flavour of the porcini mushroom makes it delicious even with the simplest of dressings.